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PiSci, we aren’t just suppliers of laboratory equipment and consumables; we are architects of solutions designed to meet the evolving challenges of environmental science. 

Our team of seasoned experts brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, ensuring that every product and service we offer reflects our dedication to precision, reliability, and sustainability.

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Where Expectation meets innovation

PiSci Analytical presents a select range of high-quality laboratory equipment and consumables, designed to enhance your scientific research. Our portfolio includes cutting-edge instruments and environmentally friendly consumables, aimed at supporting breakthroughs in environmental research.

Furthermore, our commitment to solution-oriented service ensures your laboratory not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

We supply a selection of high-precision instruments from respected suppliers for any application.  Connect with us for a consultation and find the perfect solution for your needs.

Innovative Solutions for Today’s Environmental Science Challenges.
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Welcome to our select collection of premium instruments, each crafted to cater to your varied measurement requirements. At PiSci Analytical, you'll find an array of advanced pH meters, conductivity meters, ISE (Ion-Selective Electrode) meters, NIST traceable solutions, and diverse electrodes.

We are proud to supply a versatile product range, specifically designed for a broad spectrum of applications.

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Sykam Chromatography Instruments

Sykam specialises in creating and producing Analytical HPLC Systems, Preparative HPLC Systems, Ion Chromatographs, and Amino Acid Analysers. It is widely acknowledged as a top OEM supplier for prominent global companies.

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Standards, Test Kits, Consumables

Our dedication to precision and accuracy is reflected in our NIST traceable standards, guaranteeing dependable measurements. Rely on our carefully prepared standards for calibration, laying a solid groundwork for confidence in your analytical outcomes. We also offer both discrete and continuous flow analyser consumables and spares, along with water test kits.

Why choose PiSci?

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Personal Service

PiSci offers dedicated, individual attention to each client.

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Tailored Solutions

Tailoring research and products to client's needs.

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Quality Assurance

We guarantee top-tier quality in all products and services.

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Small-scale operations ensuring high-quality outputs.

About Us

Out of a long successful background in sales and service, Vanessa Bunn started PiSci Analytical in 2023. With a passion for environmental chemistry and water safety, she and her team have focused on improving and assisting labs in these sectors.

Our focus is customer service, clean solutions, and leading technology for the lab and process industries.

With both a service department and consultants working with us we can assist you in numerous ways.

Drop us a line to see how we can help you.

What We Do

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What we do

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Discrete Analyser consumable reagents, Filter paper, glassware and much more. 

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Service Dept

Qualified service engineers available.

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For training and various laboratory techniques and skills

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